How To Use Travel Smart Conair Luggage Scale

Traveling can be stressful enough without having to worry about your baggage being overweight. Nothing is worse than arriving at the airport check-in counter only to discover you’ll be hit with steep overweight baggage fees. Fortunately, the Travel Smart Conair luggage scale takes the guesswork out of weighing your bags before you leave home.

The Travel Smart Conair luggage scale is a must-have travel accessory that allows you to easily weigh your packed suitcases right in your living room. This compact digital scale ensures you stay within airline weight limits to avoid surprise charges that put a damper on your trip.

In this guide, we’ll walk through step-by-step instructions on using the Travel Smart Conair luggage scale. We’ll also share tips for getting the most accurate readings to keep your baggage within specified weight limits.

An Overview of the Travel Smart Conair Luggage Scale

Before diving into usage, let’s look at what makes the Travel Smart Conair luggage scale such a useful travel tool. This lightweight and portable digital scale allows travelers to weigh packed luggage from 0 to 110 pounds or 0 to 50 kilograms.

Key features include:

  • Large digital display for clear weight readings
  • Push button operation
  • Auto-off function after 2 minutes to conserve battery
  • Automatically converts between pounds and kilograms
  • Peak weight capture mode to record heaviest weight
  • Built-in luggage strap to easily weigh suitcases
  • Tare/zero function to subtract weight of strap
  • Low battery indicator
  • Operates on 1 AAA battery (included)
  • Compact enough to pack in a carry-on bag

With the Travel Smart scale in your travel toolkit, you’ll stay informed on baggage weights and avoid costly overweight bag penalties from airlines. Let’s now dive into how to use the scale properly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Scale

Using the Travel Smart Conair luggage scale is very straightforward. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Attach the strap

The Travel Smart scale comes with a long adjustable strap. Wrap this tightly around the handle or other sturdy point on your packed luggage. Buckle the strap so it is snugly secured.

2. Hook scale to strap

There is a metal hook on the top rear of the scale. Lift this and attach the hook through the loop on the bottom of the strap. The scale should now be dangling from the bottom of the strap attached to your luggage.

3. Zero the scale

Before weighing your bag, you need to zero or tare the scale to account for the weight of the strap. With the scale hanging from the strap on your empty luggage, press and hold the “ON/OFF/TARE” button until the digital display resets to 0.0. The scale is now zeroed out.

4. Lift luggage

With one hand, grab the handle of the luggage with the scale attached beneath on the strap. Lift the entire piece of luggage off the floor so it is suspended and supported by the strap.

5. Read weight

While holding the suspended luggage, the digital display will show the weight in either pounds or kilograms depending on current setting. Read this number – it is the weight of your packed bag.

6. Set down

When finished weighing, set the luggage back down on the floor. The displayed weight will hold steady on the screen for a few seconds before automatically powering off.

That’s all there is to getting a weight reading for your packed bags using the Travel Smart scale! Now let’s go over some tips for getting the most accurate and useful measurements.

Tips for Accurate Luggage Weighing

Following these tips will help ensure you get precise, reliable weight readings you can trust:

  • Weigh each piece of checked luggage and carry-on separately for most accurate tracking. Don’t weigh multiple bags together.
  • Be sure the strap is tightly secured around a sturdy, non-moving point on the luggage like the handle.
  • Before weighing, gently shake the secured scale to allow it to find true balance.
  • Carefully lift the entire bag smoothly without excessive jerky motions to get an accurate stable reading.
  • For large heavy bags, lift from both the handle and bottom for support.
  • Weigh luggage with a steady arm to prevent shaking which can skew results.
  • Set the bag down gently without dropping to avoid spikes in the weight readout.
  • Always remember to zero the scale before weighing each bag by holding the Tare button with the empty secured strap.
  • Pay attention to the units displayed to know if you are viewing pounds or kilograms based on your needs.

Following these best practices for stable, gentle weighing enables you to trust the measurements from your Travel Smart scale when packing for a trip.

How to Use Peak Weight Mode

The Travel Smart Conair scale has a special Peak Hold mode that captures the heaviest weight measured during weighing. This is useful if you need help lifting a heavy bag unsteadily and get an unstable reading.

To use Peak Hold mode:

  1. Press the “ON/OFF/TARE” button once while the scale is off. “HOLD” will appear on the screen.
  2. Pick up the secured luggage to weigh as normal. The screen will show you the weight, but now display the highest captured weight.
  3. When finished, press the button again to exit Peak Hold mode.

This ensures you record the true maximum weight even with uneven lifting. Just be careful not to rely on jerky motions as this can damage the scale over time.

Weighing Success: Get the Most from Your Scale

A luggage scale like the Travel Smart Conair is a smart investment for frequent travelers who want to avoid surprise fees. Make sure to use the tare function before each weighing for an accurate zero starting point.

Gently lift bags handled by both bottom and top for heavy weights. For tricky lifting situations, use Peak Hold mode to capture the true max weight.

With the help of this handy portable scale, you can pack strategically to maximize your space while still staying within airline weight limits. Share this guide with fellow travelers so they too can weigh luggage with confidence before their next big trip!